West Chester Farmers Market provides fresh food all year long.

Butler County Connect- Article Submitted

The West Chester Farmers Market has been providing the West Chester area with a variety of fresh food and handmade products since 2004. The market features such amazing delights as fresh eggs and meats, honey, jams, popcorn, skin products, baked goods, and even handmade jewelry and art! The Market also provides live music, along with fun, welcoming activities for the whole family, even your four-legged family members!

West Chester Farmers Market. Photo from their Facebook page

When you shop at the West Chester Farmers Market, you are supporting the people of your community, who are providing a service to you. Wouldn’t you like to know where your vegetables are grown or how to cook them? The farmer who sells them to you at the market can help you with that. How about finding out how the animals are raised and what they eat before they become your Sunday dinner? You can find that out too.

It is easy to think that this market will be here all the time and that you can “always come next week”, but that’s not the case! For the market to thrive, we need your direct support! No customers, no market. No market, no fresh amazing food for the community! According to Kristina Hudson, the Marketing Director, the goal of the market is to make it a destination, a place to meet up with friends and family. Having activities for the kids, featuring local musicians, and including non-profits and local groups, such as Metro Parks, Ohio State Extension Office of Butler County, Midpointe Library and Animal Friends, all help to contribute to that “destination” feel.

The Farmers Market is a community of its own. Last summer season, the Farmers Market held a fundraiser for the ALS Association, in honor of one of the vendors who was recently diagnosed with this debilitating disease. The market vendors donated a portion of their sales that day and it sponsored games and fun things for the kids to do, all while earning money for this cause.

The West Chester Farmers Market’s summer hours are from 9 am to 1 pm May 23rd to September 26th, at The Square @ Union Centre, 9285 Centre Pointe Drive, West Chester, located near the MidPointe Library. Starting after September, the market goes into its Fall, Winter, and Spring schedule: 2 pm to 4 pm, October to April, on the first and third Saturday of each month. During the colder months, The West Chester Farmers Market can be found inside at Muhlhauser Barn, 8558 Beckett Road, West Chester from November to March. To make sure you don’t miss a market date or location change, and to keep up with everything that’s going on with the West Chester Farmers Market, follow West Chester’s Ohio Farmers Market Facebook page, or go to our website: westchesterohiofarmersmarket.org