Valentine’s Day in Butler County

By James Logan Steed

Many Legends surrounding Valentine’s Day are shrouded in mystery. However, most commonly known, is the story of Saint Valentine. During the reign of emperor Claudius in Rome, this patron saint assisted single soldiers to get married despite the decree of the emperor who believed that single soldiers made better warriors. The emperor thusly disallowed the unions of his Roman soldiers at the time.

Saint Valentine conducted marriage ceremonies under the cover of night and other vestiges in order to ensure that men in love would not have to go to war. There are other stories as to the origins of Valentine’s Day, but to this author’s mind, none is more romantic than a secret wedding between a soldier and his bride to be.

This Valentine’s Day please enjoy Butler County Connect’s top picks for indulging your sweet-tooth and entertaining that special someone. Treats from these local vendors will put you right in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this February 14th, 2018.


Grandpa Joe’s


What can I say Grandpa Joe’s has taken marshmallows of the cereal, bagged them up and ingeniously sold them separately, alas! These bad boys can be bought by the ounce. Just one of the multitude of delicacies   Grandpa has to offer. These marvelous mallows are plain melt-in-your-mouth fun! In addition to these, Grandpa’s offers an outrageous amount fudge, candy, assortments of donuts, beverages and other tasty treats to tempt your taste buds.
Located at 1212 Central Avenue, Middletown, OH, 45044.



Henry’s Candy Company

Founded in July ’17 this homegrown candy store enjoyed a grand opening on the 4th of July. You and your sweet can Mosey on over to Henry’s Candy Co. to find just about anything the heart desires. From nostalgic goodies to special Valentine’s Day morsels, this is a one-stop shop for the upcoming holiday festivities.

Henry’s has possibly one of the largest selections of chocolate and gummy candy in Butler County. Let us hold our candy cigarettes to the sky and say, “Cheers to you, Saint Valentine!” Located at 243 High St, Hamilton, OH, 45011.


Homemade pies. Made fresh daily at Hyde’s Restaurant on Erie Blvd in Hamilton Ohio

Looking for a restaurant with a small-town vibe and all the regalia of a classic diner? Stop by Hyde’s Restaurant in Hamilton, Ohio and try a decadent slice of this classic eatery’s home-made pie.  Their original cream-filled pies are baked fresh, twice daily! Located on Erie Blvd in Hamilton, Ohio, Hyde’s was first established in 1946 and will surely encapsulate you and your significant other in small town hospitality and charm.
Hyde’s is located at 130 S Erie Blvd, Hamilton, OH, 45011

Richards Pizza

For lunch and dinner on the 14th, look no further than one of Richard’s Pizzas five locations in Butler County, Ohio. Enjoy a delicious one-of-a-kind heart shaped
pizza. You and yours won’t be disappointed when it comes to the fresh ingredients and care that are baked into each pizza.  Did I mention they can bake a pizza in the shape of a heart? If that’s not shakespearian bliss…”Oh NY, Where art thou New York pizza? Whilst I haveth Heart-shaped pizza, mine Valentine doth surely love me so..” said a wise customer of the local restaurant.  Heart-shaped pizzas are available on Valentine’s Day and year-round at Richard’s. Richard’s Pizza in Butler County, Ohio are located in Fairfield, Hamilton, Trenton and Monroe.

West Chester

Servatii’s Pastry Shop

Custom Cakes, deli-stuffed pretzel party packs, and continental breakfasts are available to order and for catering. These are just a few things off of Servatii’s menu that would make your Valentine’s Day ’18 celebrations picture perfect.

Servatii’s also serves weekly variations of cupcakes, donuts, muffins, and coffeecakes to allow you to indulge in with your lover, or to celebrate in bliss with your single self!
Please visit the link below to see Servatii’s website