Butler County Ohio, Staff Report

Urban legends are stories that seem to take on a life of their own. In the story of Trenton Ohio’s “Hatchet Man,” this seems to be the case.

Trenton Ohio Hatchet Man Urban Legend

Allegedly, a very long time ago, the caretaker of the Hickory Flat Cemetery, located just outside Trenton Ohio, had entered the cemetery at dusk to close cemetery for the day. At which time and for no known reason a crazed unknown assailant attacked the caretaker with a hatchet.  The assailant then disposed of the caretaker’s body by chopping it into small pieces with the hatchet.  Accounts were the mausoleum walls and the door had visible hatchet marks on it. The next day a mannequin was found in the cemetery which had a hatchet nearby. The caretaker was never found. Legend states if you try to enter the cemetery after dark a disheveled old man in dirty clothes carrying a hatchet will chase you from the cemetery.

The problem with the Urban Legend

There is a major problem with the story. After visiting the cemetery and reviewing their website, Hickory Flat Cemetery does not have a mausoleum. The urban legend is busted! But you will find a nicely manicured and well-maintained cemetery. Gravesites dating back to the mid-1850s. The cemetery is located 4235 – 4481 Morganthaler Road, Overpeck, St Clair Twp, Butler County, Ohio, 45011 USA.