Trenton Yard Sale Weekend

Whether it’s called a garage sale or yard sale, it’s is the beginning of Summer tradition for Trenton, Ohio. This weekend buyers and sellers will be busy browsing and bargaining. If you’re like me, you love this weekend, you love finding treasures and haggling for the best price, but for some residents of Trenton it is not as fun so be sure to be courteous and patient as you travel through Trenton.

Tips for a Successful Visit!

I love the art of the haggle at a yard sale.  Here are a few tips for success deal making this weekend!

  • Be Friendly and look the part. Trenton’s yardsale is truly a neighborhood event- Say Hello to everyone, they want to sell things to you. Strike up a conversation, some of these Trenton Yard Sale Veterans have some great stories about this event over the years.
  • Buying in bulk. Grab four or five items and throw a price at the owner -Sellers love to move items in bulk, especially clothes! so you may end up getting a great deal by buying the whole bag or box rather than a few pieces.
  • Be Willing to Walk Away. This is the toughest for me but if you are not willing to budge or the seller isn’t either, be prepared to leave it and risk losing that item, I always come back later and see if the item I wanted is gone…sometimes the seller will be willing to sell you that item at your price.
  • The Early Bird Gets the Worm. If you are looking for top tier items such as newer electronics, video games, rare finds you must get there very early and cover alot of ground very quickly.
  • But the second mouse gets the cheese. Showing up  late (anywhere between 11am and 2pm) means finding items reduced in price by 50% or more.  You may catch some good finds and or get better deals at scoring in bulk because no one likes to repack things they were trying to sale.
  • Please Be aware of traffic and pedestrians. For two days Trenton becomes a pedestrian city. Foot traffic is often erratic and has a tendency to cause accidents. Drive slow and watch for Motorcyclists!

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