Treat your healthy

By James Logan Steed

Check in on this local restaurant and eatery in Liberty Township.  Plenty of spacious seating as well as a quiet lounge.  Don’t wait to be seated, walk right in and pick your best spot.  You actually go up to order at the counter in this beautiful contemporary and open atmosphere.  The restaurant was masterfully designed by Ohio architect Andrew Rosenthal.

The staff were professional, polite and knew their menu well.  The bar is dual-faceted in that its used as a blend of both a downtown bar and local coffeehouse.

Original Ginger Ale

Drink specialties such as Northstar’s original ginger ale are all made from homemade ingredients. This ginger ale is so good.  Made with fresh ginger that you can taste; store-bought ginger ale ain’t got nothing on this.  Under the weather due to flu season?  Step into Northstar Cafe and get one of their handcrafted elixirs from hot apple cider to chamomile tea; this place will get your mind and body back together in a hurry.

I ordered the Northstar Burger since I like to try classic and signature dishes.  I can say of all the stunning architecture, what comes out on the plate is unmatched.  A juicy (vegetarian?) monster burger that tastes as good as Kobe Beef, topped with minced onion 2 thick slices of pickle, lettuce tomato and a special spicy brown that left my taste buds tingling.

The “simple side salad” is actually a behemoth of taste.  Lightly-peppered and served with homemade, thinly-sliced croutons.  It is all very tasty.  The house vinaigrette is surely anything but simple.


Anytime of Day

Northstar Cafe is fit for any time of day, any type of business lunch or family dinner.  Elegant wood-top tables and medium-low lighting adds to an intrinsically melodic theme and makes your Foodie photos look that much more stunning and delicious.  The kitchen is open and grand, one of the largest kitchens I’ve ever seen in a “Cafe”.  Complete with its own wood-burning oven that, from what I hear, takes on a ton of subs and pizzas!

There are both carnivorous and vegan options for folks here at Northstar.  The list of winning dishes goes on and on, but you just have to experience this cafe for yourself.  Foodie, do you dare?  Need an excuse?  Stop by Northstar Cafe on Earth Day for an exclusive, free, veggie burger!

About James Logan Steed

James Steed is a Hamilton High School graduate of 06 and former culinary specialist and public affairs officer in the US Navy. Born and raised in Butler County He now works as a freelance writer and producer, he is a self-touted foodie and “minor-league” wine connoisseur.