Spring Cleaning Event Produces Big Results for Local Wildlife Sanctuary

By: Jeff Gambrell

HAMILTON – Ever hear the rhyme “April showers bring May flowers”? For the Riverside Natural Area (RNA), a wildlife sanctuary located a few miles from Downtown Hamilton, that is not all that April showers brought. The consistent rainfall throughout the month caused the Great Miami River to rise sharply leaving a trail of debris behind for the RNA. This sudden compilation of trash led the Hamilton Conservation Corps. to organize a trash cleanup on Saturday, April 28th. Within just a few hours, a group of nine volunteers managed to remove sixteen tires, fifty bags of trash, as well as some miscellaneous items including a grill, chairs and a truck bed liner.

Troy Schwable, President and CEO of the Hamilton Conservation Corps., encourages residents to think twice before the next time they decide to litter.

“Besides going against several local, state, and federal laws, animals are eating our garbage and feeding it to their young and are dying because of it. The animals taste the oils, salts, and flavor enhancements so they eat the plastic and it doesn’t just digest. They die a horrible death”.

In addition to the trash cleanup, the Hamilton Conservation Corps. has worked diligently in restoring the land at the RNA while promoting the vast wildlife they shelter. Schwable has planted four acres of native Ohio pollinator flowers as well as a 3,000 square foot sunflower patch. These spaces provide nourishment for Ohio’s butterflies and bees which we depend on for pollinating our food. Schwable noted that they still have many great projects planned including home pollinator gardens, the Trail Ranger Program, as well as the intention to restore Hamilton’s Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary located in the North End.

The Hamilton Conservation Corps. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are appreciated and are used to further restore and maintain these native wildlife habitats.