Butler County Connect staff comprised a list of the most active and influential Twitter accounts of private Citizens in the Butler County community. The list is comprised of the top-ranked KLOUT scores of influential accounts. All photos credits are of their Twitter account and their profile was partially used.


KLOUT is a third party measurement of social media influence. Many of the accounts listed have higher rankings than regional media accounts have (i.e. TV, radio and print personalities.) The people/accounts listed have worked to create a Twitter following and have become some of the top accounts with influence in our community.  Please note the list is in no particular order or ranking.




  • @dannoacton   Dan Acton   -Ohio’s second most widely read. Followed by hundreds of elected Officials Twitter. Government , real estate pro, strategist   & .
  • @divers Danny Ivers – Hamilton Ohio. The “Twitter King of Hamilton.”  A very active Hamilton supporter. Danny has been nudged to run for public office one day.
  • @cyndiblaw1  Cynthia S. Brown Author, Freelance Writer, Public Speaker & National Patient Advocate. Dedicated to Women and Heart Disease Awareness/Advocacy. She is a Butler County native living just over the county line in Hamilton County.


  • @drrobs   Dr.Rob Sheely ~The Digital Doc~ Chiropractor, Wellness Coach, Internet/Web 2.0 Expert. Social Media Business Seminar Presentor



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