Three ways to know if you are a Butler County Foodie

Food and Restaurants in Butler County Ohio

  1. You might be a foodie if you love all aspects of food!

The perfect berry salad found at High Street Cafe.

Keeping all things ( food and exercise) in proper balance,  foodies have a deep interest in food.  A foodie loves to explore new restaurants, new ingredients and new experiences centered around food. A foodie plans weekends, business trips, lunch dates, and vacations around dining experiences.

  1. You might be a Butler County Foodie if you love to explore Butler County restaurants

Butler County really has it all. Perfectly located between Cincinnati and Dayton, Butler County is poised to be foodie central.  When it comes to a variety of foodies experiences, Butler County is the place for foodies with a great balance between trendy new franchise restaurants and family-owned authentic places to dine.

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Explore food in Butler County Ohio. Meet up at unique eateries in Butler County for fun and delightful conversations.

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