The Rossie Theatre

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a group of theater minded Hamiltonians and listen to their plans to reopen The Rossville Theater located 509 Main Street Hamilton Ohio.

The Rossie Theater plans to reopen

About Main Street
Hamilton Ohio has been called the next “OTR” of southwest Ohio. Main Street Hamilton Ohio is a hot spot for new businesses and entrepreneurs whose passion is business and building their brand in Butler County. Recently, there have been significant investments on Main Street which include a well lighted off-street parking lot and two colorful murals. Main Street is making a strong comeback. More information regarding Main Street visit

Main Street, Hamilton Ohio, Ohio
Find this mural on Main Street in Hamilton Ohio.

About the Rossville Theater

The Rossville Theater grand opening advertisement.
On July 30, 1949, The Rossville Theater opened. It was owned by Earl W Brown and Andy Gosmeyer who were also the building contractors. In 1969 the theater changed names to Cinema West. The first movie shown was Stay Away, Joe starring Elvis Presley. By the 1980’s the theater changed again, this time offering live performances as the main venue. Unfortunately, the theatre was not able to stay in business and eventually closed. The building has been bought and sold numerous times since then.
What is next for Rossville Theater?
A group of Hamiltonians have plans to bring the Rossville Theater back to life. The group includes; Andrew Melcher, Zach Plummer, Olivia Stewart, Traci Rider, Dustin Farris, Katelyn Fox, and Chris Carper. The group plans to have the theater open late summer 2018.
The new venue will be a mixed-use theater featuring live performances, movie theatre, and stand up comedy. There are plans to build an outside stage on the west side of the building.
On October 5th from 5 pm -10 pm there will be a free concert which is open to the public and will be hosted by the Rossie Theater group. For more information visit their website and Facebook page 
The Rossi Theatre , Hamilton Ohio
Plans are to reopen 2018
Cinema West advertisment