The Marcum’s Luxury Apartments has a “new” Airstream Office

What’s shiny and whimsical on the outside, yet innovative and informative on the inside? It’s The Marcum’s new Airstream office, and you’re welcome to come on in.

I suppose it’s inaccurate to call it our “new” Airstream- she’s been traveling the country for nearly half a century now. In 1975 a group of young people may have been listening to the Stones, west-coast bound in our trailer, but for 2017 we’ll be spreading the word about Hamilton’s newest complex from inside the tin walls. In fact, a glance out of the trailer’s window gives perfect view to the complex’s growing structures, which are progressing daily.

Our unorthodox office is perfect for The Marcum

Our unorthodox office is perfect for The Marcum because both the Airstream and the complex are built for those seeking an exciting lifestyle. In the late 1920’s Wally Byam dreamt to spend his days freely and with many invigorating experiences, so he pioneered a home that would allow him and his wife to do just that; the Airstream trailer. The Marcum too believes in that timeless American dream by enabling tenants to live actively and play locally by being centrally located in a thriving city, and places restaurants/shops just down the stairs.

The Airstream will be open during all Hamilton events, but also by appointment for those interested to learn more. The walls are plastered with illustrations/unit layouts, and the floors display real wood/carpet/paint samples. So stop on by, take a look at our trailer to  reminisce on the glory days, and let us share a bit about what’s in store. After all, sometimes big things come from small packages.

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