On September 18th, 2018 Hamilton City Officials, Butler County Officials, public servants and the citizens of Hamilton gathered in the former Ohio Casualty building now known as Dayton and 3rd  to listen to Mayor Pat Moeller and City Manager Joshua Smith gave the State of the City address. This leadership duo gave their 9th presentation to a full house

Mayor Pat Moeller introduced the new City dashboard website My Hamilton Portal that will be to allow citizens to interface with the Government and it’s various projects and events. It will also allow residents to see what are and where construction, snow removal, and other related projects are happening.  Mayor Moeller also praised the efforts of the 17strong Neighborhood Initiative and the various neighborhood alliances that have made incredible efforts in creating opportunities for beauty and growth in Hamilton. Many volunteers were praised for their efforts to unify the community.    Mayor Pat Moeller ended his speech by referring to Hamilton with a quote from Bruce Springsteen “Sometimes, things are going so well that 1+1=3.”

City Manager Joshua Smith said, “Everybody has a plan until they are hit in the face.” A quote attributed to the American Philosopher and Professional Boxer Mike Tyson.  Smith reviewed the several moments that the City had to sustain blows and losses, however, the outcome of sticking to the plan has led to the boom that Hamilton is currently experiencing. One of the key tenets of Joshua Smith’s speech focused on preserving the historical authenticity of the City while attracting modern employers that will strengthen and diversify our local economy.  Smith also indicated that he would like to see forward movement on the Mega Sports Complex in the former Champion Mill paper mill regardless if the Federal Government decides to eliminate crucial tax credits for the site. The sports site has been slowed down by a couple of years due to financial expectations from both sides and government involvement.  Smith also teased the crowd with several new projects that have been confirmed in the City such as the Casual Pint, Bones Brothers Wings, Tano and 80 Acres Vertical Farming facility coming to town.  The biggest confirmation came when the City Manager confirmed that Hamilton will be receiving a Chipotle and they expect construction to start very soon.

Social Media still wonders when or if Hamilton will also be receiving a Chik-Fila, a Red Lobster, Forever 21 and or a TJmaxx. Citizens were also disappointed to hear that the Fishing hole that was created in the Hamilton West Shopping Plaza will be closed soon as the owners of the property have promised to fix the parking lot.


E. Todd Fowler,RICP