O’Tuck of the Year 2018 Ruby Singleton

Sara Carruthers, Ohio State Representative Candidate, and Ruby Singleton, O’Tuck of the Year 2018.

Ruby Singleton was honored for her contributions to the O’Tuck community. 

The 59th Annual O’Tucks banquet was held at Receptions in Fairfield on November 1, 2018. The crowd of 150 people gathered to enjoy fellowship and raise money for a scholarship fund for local college students. This year Ruby Singleton was honored as O’Tuck of the Year. The following was published in the O’Tucks event brochure.

“Ruby was born during the Great Depression in Mount Vernon, Kentucky to a family with five older brothers and four older sisters. Times were hard and back then you relied on what you could grow on the farm and what you could make with your own hands.

She learned from her mother how to sew, which has been her lifelong passion to this day. She has made hundreds of quilts, some she has sold, some have been displayed in museums and others have been donated to assist in fundraising for her beloved community group, the Hamilton O’Tucks. You can also find probably fifty or more tucked away in her basement, you’ll never has a cold bed at Ruby’s house!

Ruby married Harve Singleton, after a short stay in Richmond, Indiana they moved to Hamilton where she has lived almost 70 years, together they had three children. She has three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Ruby was awarded the honor of being a Kentucky Colonel.”

From left to right- Senator Bill Coley, Commissioner Cindy Carpenter, Ruby Singleton- O’Tuck of the Year, Sara Carruthers, State Representative Candidate for the 51st district, and Hamilton Mayor Pat Moeller.