Gluten Free Brews in Middletown 

I like drinking craft beer. A lot of people like drinking craft beer. What do you do if you are allergic to the ingredients in most craft beers? Steelworker Josh Laubach found an answer for that. Josh was diagnosed with celiac’s disease and has an extreme intolerance for gluten. That’s a huge bummer if you like to drink beer so in 2012 Josh and his wife Megan started brewing their own beers.

Gluten-Free Brewery 

After a few years of trial and error, the Laubachs perfected their brews and set out create the areas first gluten-free brewery. The name of their venture: Rolling Mill Brewing Company. I took a trip to Middletown to see what this new brewery was all about.

Friendly faces

Upon my arrival, I am welcomed by friendly faces and live music. The selection that echoed throughout was a cover of “Ripple” by the Grateful Dead. Immediately I’m Diggin the place and felt compelled to whistle along. I made my way to the bar and was soon greeted by owner Josh. After a brief conversation, I realize that Josh is quite the intellectual who is well-versed in history. His personality is reflected throughout the brewery and in the names of his beers. The brews are pretty good too. My personal favorites were the Simplicity and the Cabin Fever IPA. The flavors were rich and the finishes were very clean. Rolling Mill offers a variety of gluten-free snacks to go along with their delicious brews. I give the place two thumbs up. I encourage everyone to visit the Rolling Mill Brewing Company. Visit their Facebook page

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About the author

Terrance Huff is an award-winning filmmaker who lives, works and plays in Hamilton, Ohio.