Richards Pizza ships steak sandwiches for the Holiday Season!

Back in the ’90s, Richards Pizza held a “Where, Oh Where Has Our Famous Steak
Gone?” contest. “The contest was a revelation,” says Richards owner Karen Underwood. “It turned out that our steak sandwich was famous way beyond Hamilton and Butler County,
and had been taken or shipped to most of the 50 states and around the world,
even to Vietnam during the war.” The demand continued to grow.

“We would be asked time and again if we could send steak sandwiches to various
parts of the country,” Karen says, “and finally in 1992 we decided that rather than
continually respond to orders one at a time, we would make a once-a-year offer
to our steak lovers.”
When would be the best time? Easy enough: the winter Holiday Season.
“And thus was born,” says Karen, “the Nationwide Famous Steak Send-Off.”

The Nationwide Famous Steak Send Off steak sandwich is the same delicious
sandwich that Richard Underwood created basically on a whim in 1956. He took
some ingredients that everyone loves, like butter, tomato sauce, cheese,
mushrooms, and lean steak, and whipped up a taste delight.
Anyone can place an order – out-of-towners who crave the sandwiches for
themselves as well as area residents who want to treat out-of-town relatives and

Give the “taste of Hamilton.”

“It’s a great way,” says Karen, “to give former Hamilton residents who have
moved elsewhere – and their friends – a Holiday Season ‘taste of Hamilton.’”
The Nationwide Famous Steak Send Off ships steak sandwiches to all 50 states.
Prices are higher for Alaska and Hawaii.

The sandwiches are pre-cooked, frozen, and packaged in dry ice in heavy-duty
reusable coolers. The ingredients – 88% lean beef patties, sweet Spanish onions,
crunchy pickles, Richards’ tasty secret-recipe sauce, and toasted Italian buns – are
packaged separately. The packages of six sandwiches come with reheating

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