A local organization is leading the charge for a Fourth of July Protest Parade

Local group announces a “Protest Parade” on 4th of July. E T Fowler photo credit.

Despite the cancellation of the Hamilton Ohio Annual Fourth of July Day parade, an organization is committed to walking the parade route. The “protest parade” is being organized by Walt Simms, founder of the Last Ohio Militia. Simms said, ” the parade is about patriotism and honoring our founding Fathers, as well as unity as a Nation.”

Walt Simms leading his group in the 4th of July parade. E T Fowler photo credit

He went on to say.  “The City’s decision to cancel the Fourth of July parade is one that not everyone agrees with. To do away with a tradition that has brought unity and togetherness for well over 50 years was not well thought out. As a result, many of us still plan to walk the parade route on Saturday July 4th. We will gather in the empty lots across the street from the butler county fair grounds at 9am and will begin walking the usual parade route at 10am. Anyone that wish to join with us may attend and those that wish to watch may line the streets. We ask that as many that can and will, to wear patriotic colors and to bring American flags or banners.”


Wear patriotic colors and bring US Flags to display.

Meet at empty lot across from Butler County Fair grounds.

10 AM Walk the parade route.