Pokemon Go! Butler County Edition!, the augmented GPS based reality game for smartphones that made its debut this week on iPhone and Android, it has the potential to be the largest mobile game drop in the history of mobile game.

Butler County, Ohio is full of Pokestops, Gyms and rare pokemon.

Here are some common tips and tricks!

1. Wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of fluids!. As crazy as it sounds, This game actually requires that you get up and walk around. Whoa! Crazy! So with that being said bring water too!  Go Explore your favorite places in Butler County!

2.  You will see alot of duplicates, that is okay.  You’ll need the Xp to level your trainer and the extra candy and Stardust generated by transferring them to Professor Willow will help make your Pokémon the best!

3. INCUBATE THOSE EGGS!.  You’ll get Eggs from Pokéstops, be sure to get them in an incubator quick! That could be a rare Pokémon, the further you have to travel in kilometers the likelihood increases! The only way you are going hatch that egg is to Go explore Butler County!

4. Lure Modules and Incense. Incense attracts Pokémon to your space for 30 minutes.  That only works for you but a Lure Module attracts Pokémon for everyone at that Pokéstop.  Hey Ash, use them both at the same…, You’re welcome.

5. Be ready to charge your smartphone often. Pokémon Go is a battery drain. You may want to check out a battery pack if you are like me. If not charge up!

6. Toss the Poké Ball like a Master. You get more XP for catching that Pokémon with curving your PokéBall. Try it by starting your throw in the bottom corner and hooking it just as you are about to release!

Want to join a local Facebook group full of trainers and Pokémon Fans?  Click your closest city! Be sure to join the Butler County Wide Page at the bottom!

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