Paint the Town Red Mural Celebration

 August 30th, 2018 marked the third and final mural celebration from Street Spark in their 2018 season! Throughout the summer, Street Spark has created and celebrated three different murals in Hamilton, Ohio. “Paint the Town Red” was led by Co-Artists, Stephen Smith and John McCoy. Their supporting artists were Abby Martin and Jamie Schorsch.

“When you see this piece, you know right away it’s a Stephen Smith” Jen Acus-Smith, Program Manager at StreetSpark said.


 Stephen Smith graduated from Miami Oxford with a bachelor’s in art education and painting, he also minored in arts management and received his master’s in art education. He currently works as the educational coordinator for Insideout Art studio in downtown Hamilton, Ohio.

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As a Miami graduate and Hamilton resident, Stephen Smith said he was so proud to create this mural. “Paint the Town Red” is also the first mural to be painted on any Miami campus.

Stephen Smith went onto thank his supporting artists, Jamie Schorsch whom he worked alongside with at the Fitton Center for many years and Abby Martin who helped with the Joe Nuxhall mural on Main St. She is currently also a student at Miami University.

 “It’s great to hear about all the Miami graduates and current Miami students working on this mural!” Dean, Cathy Bishop-Clark said.

 Cathy went onto mention the first time she saw the “Paint the Town Red” mural completed, she said thought about the train, the river, and the buildings all being apart of downtown Hamilton. She said that she loves that this pulls the city into the Miami regionals campus. To her, this mural highlights the representation of collaboration and connection between Hamilton and Miami regionals.

“Paint the Town Red” was not only selected in Streetspark but also a commissioned piece for Miami Regionals and their 50th anniversary. This week 50 years ago, students were coming onto the Miami regionals campus for the first time.A

 Miami regionals campus is hosting a 50th Anniversary daylong celebration including a meet & greet from 9:30 am to 11 am with former directors, deans, and current deans. Starting at 11 am to 4 pm Miami regionals is also hosting a picnic that is free and open to the public.

 “Thank you for supporting the arts and letting us do this, we love seeing it and hope you do too.” Stephen Smith said.

 “Paint the Town Red” is the third and final mural for this 2018 StreekSpark season.
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