City of Oxford launches Small Business Stimulus Program

17 April 2020- Staff Report- Butler County Connect

OXFORD, Ohio – The City of Oxford announced Friday that it will launch a stimulus program for small businesses through zero-interest loans and a gift card program. This announcement comes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, in which brick and mortar businesses across the nation are struggling to make ends meet.
Oxford Ohio during COVID-19. Photo credit E. Todd Fowler
In an email announcement, the city stated that the small business loans will come from the City of Oxford Community Improvement Corporation, which has been modified by city council to allow for zero-interest loans. The purpose of these loans, according to the email, is to allow the businesses to retain staff.
The city, which is home to Miami University, also announced the implementation of a gift card program. Through this effort, the city will donate $200,000 to the Community Improvement Corporation. Small businesses will then be able to apply for the CIC to buy gift certificates from their businesses, and the board will set up a website where the public can purchase the gift cards. The gift cards won’t be available for use until August 1.
Businesses can apply for the gift card program here. Businesses interested in applying for a zero-interest loan are instructed to contact Jessica Greene at (513) 524-5210, or at
The City also reminded the public of other resources available through the federal government and the CARES Act. Information on these programs can be found here.