Michael Ryan Candidate for Hamilton Ohio City Council 2017

An Open Letter from Michael Ryan.

Hi, I’m Michael Ryan. I was born and raised in Hamilton, a resident just like you with a stake in the future of our great community. I support the strong foundation for transforming Hamilton that was put in place several years ago and I’m encouraged by the progress that has been made. But there is still much more to do to improve our local economy, beautify our neighborhoods, improve safety, and develop entertainment opportunities for Hamiltonian’s and visitors of all ages.

For months I’ve been talking with business owners, non profits, education leaders, and ordinary citizens like you and me. We all want the same quality of life, but we all don’t agree on how to make it happen. Advancement will only happen with a unified effort to act for all of Hamilton. Development will only happen when we don’t settle for how it has always been done, but brainstorm unique solutions.

With your vote in November, I will facilitate unity among Hamilton’s many diverse groups. I will look for new ways to approach old problems. I cannot promise specific results-no one can- but I can definitely promise to continue the strong work ethic that I’m known for; to listen to you, to take your concerns to council, and to remember your situation when making decisions.


Endorsed by Sheriff Richard K. Jones. Butler County Sheriff.

I consider it a privilege to have your vote.

I will work to improve the following areas:

Job Creation and Retention

Neighborhood Beautification and Revitalization

Expansion of Arts and Entertainment for All Ages

Endorsement by:

Richard K. Jones, Butler County Sheriff

Hamilton Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 20

This is a paid advertisement. Paid for by Michael V. Ryan for Hamilton City Council, David E. Grubb, Treasurer.