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Lori Foster is notable neighbor in Butler County Ohio. Photo provided.

A Notable Neighbor in Butler County

Lori Foster is a multi-award winning, New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly and USA Today bestselling romance author that lives right here in Butler County! She has been a ‘clue’ in the New York Times crossword puzzle and the USA Today quick cross puzzle, and her book Too Much Temptation was the number one top-selling Romance book on Amazon.

Since first publishing in 1996, Lori Foster has written over 100 novels for a variety of publishers covering romantic-comedy, action and suspense. She is known for fun, contemporary novels with alpha male characters who meet strong, independent women.

“The women I write don’t fall to pieces when something doesn’t go right in their lives. My male leads can be intense, quiet, outspoken and outrageous (love those outrageous guys!) and they can be deadly or fun. They come with their own issues, of course, but at the core they’re honorable, willing to protect those who can’t protect themselves.”

Her first book, Impetuous, was published by Harlequin, and since then Lori has had a very successful career—but that doesn’t mean it was an easy start!

“It took five years and over ten manuscripts (two of them in #2 pencil in long-hand!) before I finally got “the call”. (Yes, that tells my age. I started writing pre-computer era!)”

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Lori Foster’s most recent novel -Sisters of Summer’s End.

Raising 3 sons as a stay at home mom sometimes made it difficult to find the time needed to pursue her career. She had to squeeze in those rare moments of solitude wherever she could find them – usually very late at night, or very early in the morning.

That drive and determination is something Lori has never lost, as she released four books in 2018 – one of them her annual “benefit book” with all advance and royalties for the life of the book going to Butler County’s own Animal Adoption Foundation, a no-kill animal shelter on Ross Millville Road – and she shows no sign of slowing down!

For fifteen years Lori has hosted the Annual Readers & Authors Get Together with help from her husband, Allen, and some core volunteers. It’s a popular event that maxes out 500 attendee seats very quickly.

“Imagine a giant, super fun party for book lovers with 60 authors and over 400 readers. The three day event includes parties, meals, raffles, workshops, and plenty of time for casual chatting and photos, all wrapped around two massive book signings. Proceeds go toward worthy causes, like caring for abused or ill children and helping homeless pets.”

Her husband of 41 years, Allen Foster, has been there with her throughout it all. They met as sophomores in high school and married shortly after graduation. Allen handles all the details of three homes, multiple vehicles and four cats to give Lori more time to immerse herself in her career.

These days, when not writing, or planning her yearly event, Lori likes to unwind with a trip outdoors, or a good movie—and her favorite genres might surprise you!

“I’m a fan of hard rock music, action and horror movies, water skiing and boat rides, and the sunrise and sunset.”

When asked about what advice Lori would give to other people pursuing their dreams or a career in writing, she had this to say:

“Attitude is everything. If you convince yourself you’re working, that it’s too hard, then it will be. But if you stay positive and have gratitude, if you work hard, listen and learn, anything is possible.”

Lori has lived in Butler county for 30 years, and has now expanded her family with 4 grandchildren, all of which she loves to coddle! Her next book out is SISTERS OF SUMMER’S END, June 11th.  You can find out more about Lori at www.LoriFoster.com

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