No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town!

Local Volunteers take action

On Sunday afternoon while many are resting and watching football, a group of students from Badin High School teamed up with the Sleep in Heavenly Peace – Butler County Chapter to help solve the problem of children without a bed and no place to sleep. Matandy Steel, Hamilton Ohio, provided the workspace for the tools, wood, bedding, and volunteers.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Inc, is a nonprofit that provides bunk beds and single beds for children who are without one. The headquarters for Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Inc is in Kimberly, ID. Mike and Eileen Watkins spearhead the local Butler County chapter. Some estimates show 2%-3% of the local children’s population sleeps on the floor.  Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Inc. decided that no child should be without a bed and they began to do something about this issue. The local chapter has been established since June 2018. They have made and delivered 150 beds. State Representative-Elect Sara Carruthers participated in the event. Carruthers stated,” Taking care of our children is vitally important. They are our future. ”

Left to right: Angel Watts, Eileen Watkins, State Representative-elect Sara Carruthers, Carolyn Coley, Mike Watkins, Chapter President.

Information about the beds

All the beds are built from scratch and built to last a lifetime.  No experience is needed. The builds follow SHP’s simple and easy to follow bunk bed design. Each bed is delivered and assembled to an appreciative home, complete with mattress, pillows, and bedding. Recently,  volunteers donated the sheets, blanket, and comforters. Each bed is ready for a night’s rest when SHP leaves the home. Every bed is handcrafted and constructed by volunteers willing to donate their time to help children in Butler County. Volunteer by contacting

An example of the bunk bed that was made on Sunday.

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