The annual National Day of Prayer Breakfast

Alvin and Kelvin Mantey

On May 4th, 2017 the community of Butler County came together to observe the National Day of Prayer at the Marriott in Hamilton, Ohio.  The speakers (and also our special music) this year were Hamilton High School seniors, Alvin and Kelvin Mantey.  Alvin and Kelvin are quite remarkable young men.  They came from West Africa’s Republic of Ghana in 2014 and have very quickly made their mark at Hamilton High School.  Whether it is playing on the school soccer team, performing in school musical productions and Rhapsody in Blue show choir, or excelling in the classroom, the quality that the twins most exhibit is success! Both men are in the top 10 percent of their academic class and are members of the school’s Fellowship of Christian athletes.   Another rather unique thing about Alvin and Kelvin is that they have a habit of dressing identically each day at school because that is what they were used to doing while in Ghana. Yesterday they entertained and inspired a room of several hundred of Butler County Ohio’s community leaders and members. As a token of appreciation, the brothers will receive from Congressman Warren Davidson, one of the flags which flew over the Capital Building in Washington D.C.


Interview with Dr. John Lewis and the Mantey Brothers.

More Photo’s of the National Prayer breakfast in Butler County, Ohio