Hooray for HAMILWOOD!

Hamilton is a happening place for the arts.

Hamilton is a happening place for the arts. It truly is. Beyond the sculptures, music, and murals there is a growing film culture. This is due to Hamilton beefing up its film resume over the past few years. Many stars have roamed the streets of our fair town. To name a few:

Mickey Rourke Timothy Hutton Robin Taylor
Courtney Love Josh Hutchinson James Franco
Ashton Kutcher John Travolta John Waits
Giancarlo Esposito Cate Blanchett Robert Redford


I have been working in film and television for about 16 years now.  For the past decade, guys like myself (and especially Vince Jolivette) have lobbied anyone and everyone to bring film projects to Hamilton. 2018 is no exception. This month is we have been shooting a film entitled “The Little Voices” On Hamilton’s West Side. Executive producer is Kira Wilson alongside Hamilton’s own Emmy Winning producer Monique Runzer. I also am a producer, Director of Photography and Editor for this film.

The Movie

The movie stars Ohio native actor Kira Wilson. It would be fair to say that Kira is one of the hardest working indie performers in the area. On top of a daily grind, she spends her evenings and spare hours rehearsing for auditions. Kira slays most of them and is killing in her role as Caitlin, a disturbed mother in “The Little Voices.”  I asked director Bill Weikart to tell what this film is all about.

TH: What is this movie about?

Bill W: At the core, this film is about a mentally ill woman experiencing the societal pressures and expectations to be the “perfect mother”. So, she makes the decision to stop taking medication because of the side effects and defects it could cause in utero and toxicity during breastfeeding. Consequently, in a sad irony, she experiences psychotic symptoms, voices, which encourage her to harm her baby.

TH: Why did you decide to make The Little Voices?

Bill W: In general, there aren’t a lot of films that touch on this specific topic, especially from a mother’s point of view. We can see the results of this disorder when it’s undetected and untreated in horrifying headlines in the press. I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to show some common symptoms, risk factors, so family and friends could be on the lookout to possibly intervene before any potential tragedies.

TH: Where do you want this film to go?

BILL W: We plan on sending it around to festivals, and perhaps expand it into a feature, perhaps to shop around to producers/production companies at markets, like the AFM, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks to a new Ultra High Definition projection installation at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, The Little Voices is also planned to premiere at the Fitton Center Theater alongside a feature film by the name of “Dodging the Bullet.”  I share screen time with the legendary Jerry Springer in this hilarious stoner comedy directed by Josh Phillips and produced by Josh Luckett. Post-production services are also being provided here in Hamilwood for Dodging the Bullet. Check Facebook for more info and current events.


About the author

Terrance Huff is an award-winning filmmaker who lives, works and plays in Hamilton, Ohio.