Trenton MillerCoors BreweryThis year marks the 25th anniversary of the MillerCoors brewery in Trenton. They opened their doors to family and friends over the weekend for tours. The tour started in the MillerCoors gift shop, filled with a great variety of products for beer fans, including shirts, beer taps, and logo merchandise.

We were then led through security to the entrance of the plant and the plant lobby. Members of the tour were taken into the in-house bar and fitted with safety gear – a vest, eye and ear protection. We were shown a safety video. The level of professionalism surrounding the safety of the employees and guests was very impressive. The level of care this company takes in its employees and guests was very evident.

After we had been all fitted with our gear, we were led on the floor of the plant. The amount of activity happening was a site to see. Line after line of beer moving from station to station at such a rapid pace, you had to stop and analyze what was being produced. Bottles of beer, cans of beer, cases of beer are moving along the lines. We watch the bottles move from the filling station to the capping station, to the labeling station to the packing station.

One line that we observed were the 40oz glass bottles of Miller High Life. The filler speed for this line is 450 bottle every minute and can run 35-40,000 cases every day. You couldn’t help but think of the opening theme song from Laverne and Shirley – watching the glove travel around with those bottles.

millercoorsThe Trenton Brewery is the second most productive plant in the country for MillerCoors. Its warehouse space stretches 297,000 square feet, 32 feet high. The loading area was manned by robotic lifts. Moving pallets of beer into trucks and trains. On a given day, 300 trucks containing 2000 cases each, five rails containing 4000 cases each and 7500 kegs are shipped all over the country. Beer made in Trenton is shipped to 49 states and 430 distributors.

As a gift for coming on the tour, each attendee received a 25th-anniversary deck of cards and especially canned Miller Lite with more than 500 names of all the employees that work at the plant.
Next time you pick up a case of beer, take a look at MillerCoors product and be proud that it was probably made right here, in Butler County.