Palenick Named as City Manager of Middletown Ohio

Effective July 13, 2020, James (Jim) Palenick will be Middletown’s new city manager. Palenick went to Western Michigan University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in public administration. Later, he earned his master’s degree in public administration from the same university.
Jim Palenick will be the new city manager of Middletown July 13, 2020.
According to a statement released by the City of Middletown: Palenick has a background in city management, including his current position where he works as the lead on many redevelopment projects and neighborhood revitalization efforts. Prior to his work in Racine, Palenick was the Director of Economic and Business Development in the City of Fayetteville, North Carolina. With over 30 years of experience in local government, Palenick’s record of economic and community development and redevelopment, plus his excitement for the City of Middletown made him a remarkable candidate in the interview process
“I am thrilled to welcome Jim to Middletown. During the interview process, his experience, skill, and knowledge of the subjects we deal with in Middletown daily made him a stand-out. I look forward to his leadership and working to bring continued success to the City of Middletown,” said Susan Cohen, Acting City Manager.
“I feel both honored and deeply humbled by the opportunity to be named City Manager for Middletown. Everything that I have come to understand about the community and its leadership tells me that there exists a shared vision and cohesive commitment to continue to take the necessary steps to move Middletown forward in a proactive and positive way. I am excited about joining the leadership team, moving to the City, and becoming a force in that effort,” said Palenick.
“I eagerly welcome the leadership, expertise, accountability, and energy I believe Mr. Palenick will bring to Middletown. His past successes reflect his ability to bring groups together and serve as the catalyst to propel our city into the brighter future it deserves,” said Nicole Condrey, City of Middletown Mayor.