Miami University Students Contribute to Butler County Spike in COVID-19 Cases

The Return of Miami University Students Push Butler County into Level 3 -Red on the COVID-19 Chart.

David Corfman- Guest Contributor
COVID-19 update, Thursday, Sept. 3, focused on Butler County. I’ve been looking at school age cases, but in light of college campuses being hot spots for the ‘Rona, I expanded to 20-29 as well. That was illuminating, so I decided to show all age groups
Chart #1 shows Butler County for the summer months. It’s so simple – but look at the cases from age 0-29! Compared to all other ages, these are huge numbers, and some cases will still be added to the count.
Okay, let’s look at Ohio as a whole. Chart #2 shows an increase in the same age groups, but not as acute as Butler County. One would right in saying this was due to Miami University’s 704 cases (as of 9/2). If you’re wondering how UC and Hamilton County are doing, I included Chart #3. Hint – it’s not even close to Butler County’s disparity. (OSU and Franklin County are even more steady.)
Due to the huge Miami numbers, Butler County is now Level 3 (Red), with five indicators met (meaning “failed”). We were at four indicators last week, so I’m surprised we weren’t at Level 3 then. We’re going to be at this level for a while, folks.
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