Hamilton has been creating a new name for itself

It’s no secret that Hamilton has been creating a new name for itself these past few years. But one of the most exciting new projects in the city is the brand-new, luxury Marcum Apartments opening in 2018.

Increase in downtown Hamilton residencies

The Marcum Apartments were announced last year and will add over 100 new residencies to downtown. The apartments are located directly across from the recently opened Marcum Park and RiversEdge Amphitheater.

Construction is underway and units are available to reserve now. With its popularity on the rise, here are a few ways we predict The Marcum will change Hamilton.

With over 100 new residents and families joining the city…

Hamilton’s economy will see a huge bolster. Since most of Hamilton’s local businesses are located downtown, residents of The Marcum will find themselves frequently walking to places they formerly had to drive to. Local markets, restaurants, and bars will see great benefits from these new residents and patrons.

With over 10,000 feet of commercial space below…

The Marcum will also be attracting its own local businesses. The ground floor of the apartments will feature commercial space. The brand new amenities will attract new and unique businesses to Hamilton, and will ensure the continued growth and investment in Hamilton neighborhoods off High and Main Streets.

With a prime location in the heart of downtown Hamilton…

The Marcum will appeal to residents that will invest in Hamilton’s success. It’s perfect for both the empty-nester ready to forfeit taking care of a big home and the young professional looking for a creative city to put down roots. Both empty nesters and young professionals are likely to become invested in local welfare, from politics, to art, to sustainability.

The Marcum is concrete evidence that Hamilton is thriving and the place to be. Through tireless efforts of the City to revive a spirit of industry and creativity, places like The Marcum are showing new promise. We are glad to support the success of The Marcum, because with it comes the continued success of Hamilton.

Learn more visit https://www.facebook.com/TheMarcumApartments/