A Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Allegedly Injured During Grooming

Image supplied by Butler County Sheriff’s office.

Staff Report- Butler County Connect

On June 20, 2020 the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Dog Wardens received information that dog owner Tina Brady had taken her thirteen-year-old female Yorkshire terrier, Lacey, to a groomer. It was reported that the groomer had “branched out on her own” after her employment at a different groomer ceased due to COVID-19.

Seven broken ribs causing lung contusions

Ms. Brady (dog owner) stated the groomer dropped Lacey off after the grooming at her residence. The tiny terrier, Lacey, was whimpering, falling over and unable to walk and was holding her head towards the ground. Lacey was taken to MedVet for emergency care. It was determined the K-9 suffered blunt force trauma to the head, bruising around the neck and shoulders and seven broken ribs causing lung contusions. The owner decided to euthanize Lacey due to the extent of injuries.

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dog wounded by groomer
This imaged was supplied by the Butler County Sheriff’s office. This mark was allegedly caused by the groomer.

Groomer Charged with Cruelty to a Companion Animal (M2).

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office Dog Wardens, during their investigation, determined
groomer Andra Edison conducted a (Dominance/Submission Hold) holding the four-pound
terrier down with full body weight on the metal grooming table. According to the
veterinarian at MedVet, this may have been the cause of the broken ribs and contusions.
The bruising on the neck was most likely from the chain or leash used by the groomer to
hold the K-9 still.
Fifty one year old Andra Edison of Madison Township is charged with Cruelty to a
Companion Animal (M2).
“It’s scary to think you drop your dog off to be groomed and she comes back in such a
condition you have to have her euthanized. That’s when we step in to make sure the
person responsible faces a judge,” states Sheriff Jones.