Losing weight improves your joints

Surprisingly, every pound you lose can reduce the load on your knee joints by 4 pounds. Losing 10 pounds means that your knees have 40 fewer pounds to support for every step you take which significantly impacts the progression of osteoarthritis. Less wear and tear also means less knee pain. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Scheidler, DO, is sharing tips he gives to patients to encourage them to lose weight to improve their joint and overall health.

Dr. Joseph Scheidler

Focus on Losing one pound at a time

Start small and avoid fad diets

Set small but accomplishable goals. The best way to lose weight is to focus on losing one pound at a time rather than looking at your overall goal which may seem overwhelming. “I often see folks try too much too soon and end up quitting their attempts at an exercise or diet program,” says Dr. Scheidler. “I advise my patients to start with small accomplishable goals. This gives you a sense of accomplishment which encourage motivation and helps you track your progress. I also advise my patients to avoid any fad diets. They can sometimes be dangerous, and they are usually yo-yo style diets that rarely provide long term results.”

Limit sugary foods, bread and soda Dr. Scheidler says, “This is the hardest goal for my patients. But, like exercise programs, start small. Drink more water, cut back on sodas, sugars and bread. A cheat day is okay here and there but after time your body will become accustomed to eating a certain way. You can limit caloric intake and still enjoy food. Again, avoid fad diets and consider speaking to a nutritionist about your eating habits.”

Avoid eating after 8 p.m. Dr. Scheidler also advises against late night snacking. “Studies have been done to suggest that late night snacking or eating after 8 p.m. generally adds weight. Calories are fuel – healthy snacking throughout the day is okay if you are actively burning that fuel. However, eating late and going to sleep gives that fuel no chance to burn so it is stored as fat. I advise clients who need to eat after 8 p.m. to eat or drink something healthy, such as fruits, vegetables, or a smoothie. This minimizes the chance for the food to become extra pounds. It also allows our bodies to burn excess fuel overnight and, in the morning, we break the fast of sleep. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting is good for the body when done correctly.”

Find a fitness program that you enjoy

Find a fitness program that you enjoy “Not everyone wants to build muscle or become a bodybuilder. Find a program or an exercise routine that you like or a physical hobby that you enjoy. This encourages you to make time for your regimen and allows you to track your progress,” advises Dr. Scheidler.

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