Rise to the Top!

Located in the heart of Hamilton, Ohio. RISEFIT, LLC is afitness studio located on 112 S 2nd Street. Offering one-on-one personal training, a FIT-CAMP, and help in sports performance. RISEFIT strives to inspire the people of Hamilton through achieving their fitness goals and building confidence.

Their mission statement:
“Our mission is to provide a unique and enjoyable fitness experience. High-intensity workouts combined with low impact, functional movements that incorporate fun,self-paced exercise. RISE FIT will provide all elements necessary for participants to achieve their fitness goals and build confidence through”

Head Trainer, Founder, and CEO: Derrick Patman has strived to create a fitness studio that inspires and connects the people of the local community. He also wanted to leave something behind for his daughters, Dee and Londyn.  In his original business plan for RISEFIT, Patman also wanted to open and operate his own smoothie shop.

Patman saw this opportunity to teach his daughter ownership and entrepreneurship. He decided to contact his friend, EJ – owner of Health East Nutrition in Kentucky. “He provided me great advice on how to open a smoothie/nutrition shop. “He said.

Londyn Nutrition coming to Hamilton, Ohio!

Londyn Nutrition will provide healthy options for the residents of Hamilton, Ohio. Focusing on good nutrition and good exercise to achieve optimum health.

 “Londyn nutrition provides a valuable service to the community, informing people about the importance of proper nutrition” -Derrick Patman

Watch out for Londyn Nutrition coming to Hamilton, Ohio in 2019!  

RISEFIT’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/RISEFITCINCY/

For more information on RISEFIT: https://risefitcincy.com