We all know our beloved local townships and cities, but do you know the history behind their names? Follow along with us as Butler County Connect dives into our history!
Today Butler County Connect takes a deep dive into the township of Lemon!

A monument acknowledging the canals that transported people and goods across Lemon Twp. Ohio. Photo credit E. Todd Fowler

Staff Writer J.Z.Foster

Lemon is unique as it is the only Lemon Township statewide! This from an era when it wasn’t hard to find repeat names all over the place (hey, why not? Not like people were doing a lot of traveling back then to get confused with repeat names!).
It is a township inside the city of Middletown with an interesting history! But how did it get the name Lemon you may ask? Lemons are sour and bitter, aren’t they? They’re certainly hard to eat! This can’t easily be used to describe the township of Lemon which has great soil and has gone through many years of agricultural use.

The History of Lemon Twp

So where did the name come from? Who knows! It’s presumed to be named by the earliest
settlers, who may have named it because of how the rising and setting sun looked like… a
lemon! While its name may be mysterious, its creation is not. It was established in May 1803 and was populated by people who came with nothing but what they were wearing, and had nothing but land afterward! Now it may be easy to think that since it was established in 1803, that its history began there, but that’s simply not true! There were settlers braving the elements as early as the mid-1790s, and Native American tribes have long-lived and traveled through the area.

Difficult beginnings

The settlers found it a difficult place to live, and survived by trading and working with local Native American tribes to survive the harsh winters. Early work consisted of felling trees, growing corn and materials for clothing, and improving the land where they could… for which they were forced to do often! The harsh farming life was not to last though, as manufacturing would eventually move in, and many residents found employment in paper factories.

Lemon Twp Ohio. Butler County Ohio
Harding-Jones Paper Co. razed leaving the tower. Photo credit E. Todd Fowler

They are not known for it now though. In 2017, one of the paper factories built in the 1870s began to collapse!

Whatever the case may be, Lemon is a township full of history!