Learn about the Butler our County is named for

His early life

Richard Butler was born in Dublin Ireland. He was the son of Thomas and Eleanor Butler.  Richard  was the eldest of five brothers. Early in his life his parents and family moved to the United States. They settled near Lancaster PA. His father continued in the gun making trade he learned in Ireland.  Thomas learned how to make Pennsylvania Long Rifles which were used in the French and Indian Wars. The Butler Gun shop building still stands in Carlisle Pennsylvania. His father and five brothers were known as the ” Fighting Butlers” due to they all were officers in the United States military.

More about Richard Butler

Richard Butler was in the Indian trading business in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and Chillicothe Ohio.He was appointed by the government as an Indian Agent due to his experience in business. In that position he tried to convince the Indians not to assist the British. He held the rank of Major General in the US Army.Richard organized and served in General Daniel Morgan’s rifle corp. He helped negotiate treaties with the Iroquois, Wyandot. Delaware, Chippewa, Ottawa and Shawnee tribes from 1784 through 1786. He arrived at Fort Hamilton September 27, 1791.He died in battle against the Indians in General St. Clairs defeat in Fort Recovery Ohio November 4th 1791.

The Legacy of Richard Butler 

Fort Recovery Museum

There is a memorial in Fort Recovery memorializing  the battle that cost Richard Butler’s his life. Fort Recovery is about an hour and forty five minutes North of Butler County. A great place to learn more about early American history.   http://www.fortrecoverymuseum.com/history

There are three counties in the United States named in his honor. Butler County , Ohio, Butler County Kentucky, Butler County, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Richard Butler and the battle that cost him his life by visiting Fort Recovery Ohio details at https://www.ohiohistory.org/visit/museum-and-site-locator/fort-recovery-museum   


The site of Richard Butler’s death.
Monument in honor of the Battle and the fallen.