Kettering Physician Network (KPN) is home to a diverse and talented team of physicians who are dedicated to the network’s mission to improve the quality of life of the people in the communities they serve. The Butler County community is fortunate to have KPN doctors throughout the area that practice a wide variety of specialties and support Fort Hamilton Hospital. KPN and local hospitals hold a variety of events every year that allow these physicians to establish excellent working relationships with each other.

Dr. Kelly Baker, DO, photo submitted.

Two of the KPN physicians have a unique and lifelong relationship that has allowed them to encourage and support each other through major life events, including choosing fields of medicine that compliment their interests and passions. Twin sisters Dr. Kelly Baker and Dr. Krista Migliore may look alike, but they chose very different specialties while pursuing their medical degrees. Dr. Kelly Baker, DO, specializes in family medicine and primary care. She chose this specialty because she likes the diversity of different kinds of care and caring for people aged newborn to elderly. She treats a wide range of conditions, including hypertension, diabetes and preventive care. Dr. Baker and her husband, Dr. Jon Baker, completed their residencies in Dayton, Ohio and then joined colleagues who were establishing a practice in Ross, Ohio. Both Dr. Bakers are happy to be part of the
Hamilton/Ross community and enjoy the relationships they have established in the area.

Dr. Krista Migliore, DO, photo submitted.

Dr. Krista Migliore, DO, specializes in general orthopedics, sports medicine, and trauma medicine for Fort Hamilton Hospital. As a high school athlete, Dr. Migliore knew she wanted to stay with something she loved and began pursuing sports medicine as a career. She completed her fellowship training with the Indianapolis Colts and is actively involved in the sports programs at local schools. She is part of the medical team on the sidelines of local high school football games, and she also practices at clinics for
injured athletes on Saturday mornings. Dr. Baker and Dr. Migliore are invested in their respective specialties and are happy to practice their areas of expertise at Fort Hamilton Hospital. They are part of the team providing excellent care to the Butler County community. For more information about Dr. Baker or Dr. Migliore, please visit