Brian Levick, owner of Future Great Comics and Future Great Wrestling plans to resubmit plans to the Hamilton Planning Commission January 16th to open Future Great Wrestling
at 190 N. Brookwood. Photo credit E.Todd Fowlee

Brian Levick is a local businessman with a dream. He and his team members dream of bringing family-friendly wrestling events to 190 N Brookwood Hamilton Ohio. Over the years this location has been many different ventures including a Butler County family service center, an arcade, a Krogers grocery store, and a personal training gym. Brian’s plans were derailed at the Hamilton Planning commission. The vote was tied and Brian’s venture fell short of approval. Disappointed but not discouraged Brian has vowed to work with the City of Hamilton to gain approval.

A petition and a plea

Brian took to social media to get his message out.

He has formed an online petition to show support for wrestling in Hamilton. Hundreds have signed the petition in support of Brian. Review the petition at

Read His social media post regarding the defeat and future plans for His business ventures

Future Great Wrestling intends to open at 190 N. Brookwood Hamilton Ohio.

“Before I start with this post I want to say to you all that I will be actively working with the city of Hamilton to get this whole situation fixed. On Monday I went to a public meeting with the planning commission for Future Great Wrestling. Unfortunately there was a nearby retirement community that expressed concern directed at wrestlers & their fans with such things like people jumping into their lake, parking in their yards, people going into their home & shooting them, drug dealing, fights, violence, not feeling safe to walk their dog, & ruining a deer path. As many of you know already, many wrestlers & their fans are nothing like this. They are respectable family men & women with kids, good jobs, and big hearts. Some in the planning commission expressed concerns about parking. They voted and have said we can’t have shows at our location. I will have a chance to resubmit for another meeting in January so we might be able to run shows in the FGW Arena when it’s all said and done. We are all disappointed in this outcome but we’re not giving up. I will be inquiring with different locations in Hamilton to house the December 28th show but there is a chance that we might have to move the show date until late January. This outcome directly affects many businesses in the building along with Future Great Comics. Many of you know, construction has decimated sales at the shop. The wrestling company would ease those pains until the construction ends & things start going back on the upswing. If the planning commission votes no again in January I will have no choice but to move my shop so that I can take care of my family. I hope that does not have to happen. I’m putting out the Bat Signal to You, the people of Hamilton, surrounding areas, those that respect wrestling and desire a positive entertainment outlet, & those offended by putting labels on a new business & people before giving it a chance. Please contact the city of Hamilton, the planning commission, and sign the petition that will follow this post to allow Wrestling in Hamilton! Thank You to those on the planning commission that voted in favor of us & those in the city that will be working with us to find a solution. Let’s change the minds of the retirement community & those that voted against FGW!”

 #WeAreHamilton#HamiltonWrestling #LetsChangeSomeMinds 

The next meeting is scheduled for January 16th, 6 pm, at 345 High Street Hamilton Ohio. The public is welcome to attend.