Local business, InsideOut studio and the Kirsch CPA LLC group are coming together to collaborate in creating a piece of artwork for Kirsch CPA’s new location downtown Hamilton, Ohio!

John Kirsch, Kim Kirsch, and helping artist Dale.

“Where Art Radiates from the InsideOut”

The InsideOut studio is located at 140 High St. In the heart of Hamilton, Ohio. InsideOut studio is an art studio that specializes in helping adults with disabilities. They are supported by a partnership with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Easterseals serving the Greater Cincinnati area.

InsideOut studio provides a place for adults with disabilities to create freely, to explore in their inner imagination, and to be themselves all at the same time. The artists working at InsideOut studio can showcase their artwork in the retail portion of the studio and are able to make an income from their artwork.

“Instead of standard artwork, we wanted something that reflected the community,” John Kirsch said.

Kirsch CPA Group is an accounting group also located in downtown Hamilton. This fall, they are making plans to open their new location on 2nd South Third St. While moving into a new building, Kirsch CPA decided they wanted to display a piece of artwork in the lobby of their new space. They wanted to create a piece of artwork to reflect both their team and the community.

Kathleen and Jill working on part of “Infinite opportunities.

When choosing who to work with on this art installation- President of Kirsch CPA, John Kirsch mentioned he wanted a piece of artwork that could help reflect the community and InsideOut studio was the perfect place for this. Collaborating with Stephen Smith, a local artist and staff member at InsideOut studio – They were able to create the perfect piece of artwork to achieve Kirsch CPA’s goal, in the art installation entitled “Infinite Opportunities”.

The Kirsch CPA’s team has been visiting InsideOut studio all week working on the art installation with the resident artists. On Friday, the president of Kirsch CPA, John Kirsch came to InsideOut studio with his wife, Kim to help complete one of the biggest pieces in “Infinite opportunities.”

“D.E” and “J.E” are the initials of the helping artists – Dale and Jerry.

“This will tell a story,” Kim Kirsch said.

Kim Kirsch has been a special education teacher for several years. This being her last year of teaching, Kim was so happy to be able to come work with some of her former students – Dale and Jerry on “Infinite Opportunities.” When asked what she thought of InsideOut studio. Kim mentioned that it is very exciting that InsideOut helps these adults take their inner creativity and bring it out to the world.

Kirsch CPA and InsideOut Studio plan on introducing “Infinite Opportunities” in September!

For more information on InsideOut Studio: www.insideoutstudioart.com
For more information about Kirsch CPA LLC: kirschcpa.com