Hughes School Liberty Township OhioLearn about the Hughes School from the Liberty Township Historical Society on Saturday, April 30 from 10am- 2pm for tours and information.

The school is located next to Liberty Elementary School on Princeton Road – 6040 Princeton Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45011.

From Lakota Schools – Hughes School, built in 1887, was the second school in Liberty Township. Grades 1 through 8 met in the school; while the teacher worked with one class, the other students were expected to be doing their own work or helping another class.

A teacher’s life was very different then. Mostly young and unmarried, teachers arrived early to shovel snow, start the fire, and prepare the building for the school day. Parents provided room and board for a month at a time, and were expected to clean up the building and grounds, maintain the property, and furnish wood and coal. The school board provided the teacher with a horse and buggy or saddle horse.

Each student had chores assigned—they had to gather firewood for stove, pump and carry water, keep fire burning, take out ashes, clean blackboard, get kindling ready for teacher for next morning, and sweep the floor.

After 1922 when Liberty Elementary opened, Hughes School was used for a time as the custodian’s residence and for storage. In 1975, restoration of the building began; the original school bell was found in the attic at Liberty Elementary and restored to its place at Hughes School. The building is now maintained as a historical site and to help Lakota students understand public education in the early 1900s.