Animal Cruelty Charges in Madison Township

Animal cruelty charges filed against horse owner. Photo submitted.
Report Submitted- Butler County Connect
Sheriff Richard K. Jones reports the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Dog Wardens
responded to a tip that five horses in Madison Twp. had been abandoned. Upon
arrival, it was discovered three of the horses were enclosed in a barn with no air
circulation and no access to food or water.
Two of the horses were in grave condition. The owner of the horses, Elizabeth J. Kidd, arrived on the scene and advised she has the horses under veterinarian care. Upon investigation, it was discovered the veterinarian had not been to the property in over a year. A veterinarian did respond to the scene to examine the horses. Animal Friends
responded to the property as well to make arrangements for a rescue of the
Kidd was charged with three counts of Cruelty to a Non-Companion Animal
959.13A (M2). Kidd is scheduled to appear in Middletown Municipal Court later this month.
Sheriff Jones, Butler County, Ohio announce animal cruelty charges. E. T. Fowler. photographer.

“I could not imagine being locked up in a barn with no water in this heat. We
encourage the community to continue speaking up when they see this abuse and
neglect so we can rescue and pursue justice for these helpless animals,” states
Sheriff Jones.