Hamilton welcomes the newest addition to its mural collection.

Today, Hamilton welcomed the newest addition to its mural collection! Located on 736 High St, on the side of Jeff Pohlman Tire & Auto Service building.

“Hey-Caddy-O” Mural designed and painted by Nicole Tremble, Kinsey Downs, Nikki McGlosson, and Melissa Smith

This mural features a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado, paying homage to the building’s roots, once being a Cadillac dealership. Designed and painted by the lead artist, Nicole Trimble and her all-girl painting team which includes Kinsey Downs, Nikki McGlosson, and Melissa Smith- all Miami students and artists.

This is Nicole Trimble’s third mural with Street Spark and her third mural with an all-girl painting team.

Lead Artist, Nicole Trimble and her all-girl painting team- Kinsey Downs, Nikki McGlosson, and Melissa Smith.

“I am really so, so happy with out it turned out,” Nicole said.

When the lead artist, Nicole Trimble designed “Hey-Caddy-O” She was heavily inspired by the “Star cleaners “ sign across the street.

The iconic Star Cleaners sign located at 812 High St, in Hamilton, Ohio.

She went on to say how much she loves the vintage color palette you see as you drive into Hamilton.

Hidden Gems about “Hey-Caddy-O”

A fun Easter-egg about the “Hey-Caddy-o” mural is the stickers on the windshield. If you look closely, you will notice how each sticker is unique. Each has an individualized touch/signature from each of the artists.

Close-up of the windshield on the “Hey-Caddy-O” mural.

“These types of things are special, they make our community special,”  John Guidugli said.

John Guidugli president/CEO of the Hamilton community foundation stepped up to the podium to say thank you to the Fitton Center, the artists, and the Pohlman family for creating and supporting this mural.

“As you come into this community, you can see that it’s a welcoming community, and a community that supports the arts,” John Guidugli said.

This celebration of “Hey-caddy-O” is one of three murals being painted and celebrated this summer in Hamilton. The next celebration is Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 at 5:30 pm celebrating the new mural titled “Golden Ethos” designed by the lead artist, Christian Dallas on the North Second Tap and Bottle shop building in Hamilton, Ohio.

For more information on the “Golden Ethos” Celebration: www.facebook.com/events/191336908204345/

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