“Sleep is important for the emotional health, intellectual health, job performance, and our physical being” – Dr. Oluwole Onadeko, MD, FCCP, DSM.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, obtaining healthy sleep is important for both our physical and mental health. Developing a healthy sleeping routine has been shown to improve productivity and our overall quality of life.

Dr. Oluwole Onadeko or also known as “Dr. Wally” is the Medical Director of the Fort Hamilton Hospital Sleep Center. He is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, and Internal Medicine. Dr. Onadeko has been at Fort Hamilton for 6 years.  He loves to practice medicine because – “I get the opportunity to change lives and to help people improve their sleep and make an impact.”

Practicing Sleep Hygiene.

When asked how we can better our night’s rest – Dr. Onadeko stated that something we can include in our everyday routine is “Sleep Hygiene.” Sleep Hygiene is a recommended behavioral and environmental practice that helps promote a consistently good quality of sleep.

Sleep Hygiene is essential for all the rituals or “norms” you follow before or around sleep. Examples of poor sleep hygiene would be having irregular sleeping hours or sleeping with bright lights on. Examples of good sleep hygiene would be consistently following a regular sleeping pattern and practicing good nighttime practices to prepare your body for sleep.

Other practices of good sleep hygiene include; reduce bright lights at night in the bedroom, avoid drinking alcohol or highly caffeinated beverages at night before bedtime, exercise throughout the day to promote good health and establish a good quality night routine to prepare for bedtime.

Why would someone go to a Sleep Center?

When asked why someone would go to a Sleep Center – Dr. Onadeko said that usually, patients will notice they snore a lot, are not getting enough sleep or getting too much sleep and mention it to their family doctor. Then, their family doctor recommends them to a sleep center.

Sleep Centers offer a variety of different treatments according to the patient’s diagnosis. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia are typically difficult to pinpoint while the patient is awake. Some patients are good candidates for a form of treatment called a sleep study. Sleep Studies are an overnight observational stay in a room much like a hotel room. During the night, the patient is paired with a registered sleep technician who asks them questions about their sleeping patterns, habits, and behaviors. Before going to sleep, the patient is connected to a monitor that will measure the patient’s oxygen, heart rate, leg aching, and all stages of sleep during the night.

Dr. Onadeko said that sometimes when patients go through the sleep study, they realize that they sleep the best during the study because they don’t deal with the stress they have at home. Other times, they may discover a medical condition and begin to find ways to manage the condition to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

The Sleep Center at Fort Hamilton Hospital.

Located on 520 Eaton Avenue in Hamilton, Ohio, the Fort Hamilton Sleep Center has exceptional staff that strive to provide excellent service to the community.

The Sleep Center specializes in treating sleep disorders and conditions that make it difficult to get a good night’s rest. Fort Hamilton Sleep Center is the oldest sleep lab in Butler county, existing since 1987. The  Sleep Center can facilitate and provide home sleep services as well.