The Hamilton Mill in downtown Hamilton Ohio is a leader in water production and distribution technology. The Hamilton Mills has an aggressive goal of changing the way water is produced and distributed.

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Help The Hamilton Mill reach their goal! The Hamilton Mill is a leader in water technology.

The Hamilton Mill Water Technology
The Hamilton Mill a leader in water technology

Please take a moment to support The Hamilton Mill’s newest initiative by (click here to support the Mill) committing your social networks to a thunderclap campaign.

It’s easy – just click “support with [your social network of choice here]” and this platform will automatically sign you up to post with everyone else supporting this cause at noon on October 20th.

I know what your thinking: I don’t know anyone who is doing crazy innovative work that will redefine the way we produce and/or distribute clean water to the civilized world. Well, based on shrinking world theory we are all 6 or less steps away from someone who does know that person.

Hamilton Mill Water Technology Innovation

So please participate in this campaign and share it with everyone you possibly can.

Thank you all for supporting our awesome community.