University Urban Planning Students Deliver Plan to Unlock North End Neighborhood’s “Exponential Potential”

By: Jeff Gambrell


HAMILTON – During RENEW’s (Renewing the North End From Within) Thursday meeting, neighborhood residents reviewed a document they recently received outlining what the future of the North End could look like. Since February, Miami University students associated with the urban planning program have been making site visits and connecting with residents in order to create a master plan that mirrors the vision the residents hold for the place they call home. The students recognized the North End community as having “limitless potential for revitalization” citing that “proper investment and new initiatives” would enable the neighborhood to thrive once again.
The North End Corridor Revitalization Plan focuses primarily on the Heaton Street corridor between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Route 4. This corridor was identified by residents as the main route through the neighborhood. Some of the highlighted improvements include: signage at key entrances to the neighborhood, murals to create a welcoming atmosphere, expansion of bike lanes for easier commuting, and streetscaping additions such as benches and trees to encourage walking. Another focal point in the plan that residents wished to see enhanced is the Joe Nuxhall Ball Fields which they believe could be an asset to the Spooky Nook Sports complex down the road. Utilizing the vacant fields next door, the plan calls for the inclusion of several soccer fields to meet the demands of weekend tournaments.
Although the Miami students acknowledge the plan will take some time to reach fruition, they believe it is feasible with the appropriate resources and planning. With that in mind, they simplified the plan’s execution into a four-phase implementation starting with the least amount of resources required for the initial phases. The phases range from city beautification projects in phase one up to long-term economic growth through phase four. The team attributes North End’s “rich history, parks, and high-density community” for being the inspiration behind the desire to move the neighborhood forward.
The North End Corridor Revitalization Plan will be incorporated into the City of Hamilton’s comprehensive plan, Plan Hamilton. The complete document along with others can be found at
E. Todd Fowler