Native Hamiltonian Karen S. Thompson (nee Prince) has announced the release of her debut novel Papers for Doughnuts, which is based on the author’s true-life events growing up in Butler County during the changing and challenging times of the 1960s.

Hamilton serves as the setting for the town of “Grayville,” and local residents will easily
recognize the landmarks mentioned throughout the novel. The author is the fifth great-niece of Hamilton’s founder Israel Ludlow and is the fifth great-granddaughter of John Ludlow, the first sheriff of Hamilton County.

Imagine being a child growing up in poverty and staring into a storefront window as your mouth waters and your empty belly hurts. Now imagine a simple act of kindness that has the power to alter the course of your life.

A story of self-realization, determination, and ultimate liberation, Papers for Doughnuts is the heartrending tale of how young Jane Carey struggles to survive the sadistic abuse of her addicted mother, the sudden death of her beloved stepfather, the loss of her childhood innocence at the hands of a man trusted by the community, and the symptoms of a mysterious illness that begins in her early teens.

With help from a cast of town characters, including her unlikely friends the Keaton Street Gang, Jane learns life’s lessons along the way, and through the tears and the laughter, she slowly comes to believe in herself and commits to overcoming the obstacles she faces on her journey to freedom and new beginnings.

Papers for Doughnuts has been receiving rave reviews since its release and is currently on the finalist list for the Author Academy Awards in the General Fiction genre.

Jack Getze, Former Los Angeles Times reporter and author of the award-winning Austin Carr mystery series, gave this review:

The writing is clear and concise, head and shoulders above most of what I saw as the
submissions editor at Spinetingler Magazine and in my critique groups. Karen is a pro! The
story is gripping despite being so personal — a journey through abuse, tragedy, and worse — all the while overcoming a long list of obstacles to reach freedom and a new foothold on life. An inspiring tale!

Another reviewer posted . . .
In an age where so many e-Books are full of badly written, poorly edited, empty narrative, this author brings us a well-written, professional work of literature. You will feel the main
character's pain. You will care about what happens to her. You will be angered at the people who hurt her. You will rejoice when she wins.

A pleased reader wrote:

I just finished reading Papers for Doughnuts and was hooked from the very first page to the last page and its heart-touching ending. The characters were very engaging, and I was so enthralled that I read it almost straight through without stopping! Even through all the ugly things that Jane experienced, she was strong and resilient and even managed to find joy and laughter amidst her pain. Her courage is truly inspiring, and I highly recommend this book.

About The Author, – Karen S. Thompson was born April 20, 1953, at Mercy Hospital in Hamilton and currently resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband Rick. She is an advocate for both FTD and MS Awareness, which Rick and she, respectively, live with each day.

An accomplished author of songs, poetry, and short stories, Papers For Doughnuts is her debut novel. In addition to the written word, she enjoys watercolor painting, gardening, and the culinary arts.
She can be contacted through her Facebook page “Papers for Doughnuts – Author’s Page for Survivors of Abusive Relationships” or her website (papersfordoughnuts.wixsite.com/home).

Please note that twenty-five percent of the book’s proceeds will be donated to Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund and to The Joyful Heart Foundation. Both charities provide help for survivors violence, an sexual assault, domestic child abuse.

Order online: https://www.amazon.com/Papers-Doughnuts-Karen-S-Thompson-ebook/dp/B07QY5M7KF/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3LRRI4O4E4QJZ&keywords=papers%20for%20doughnuts&qid=1566152120&s=gateway&sprefix=papers%20for%20doughnuts%2Caps%2C159&sr=8-1&fbclid=IwAR2H4m272MZXlH2CWTczL7EaYyBHuCkDmbWqCi_rBpCdB4e78EI-h9uPXS0