Patty Scott, Erika Scott, Sheriff Richard K. Jones

Erika Scott, a proactive sophomore at Hamilton High School reached out to three government officials to help form a task force to improve school safety.  Read how each Public Official responded to her.

More About Erika

Hamilton High School Sophomore

A weighted GPA of 4.3.

Varsity volleyball player

Part of Student Council

Works one period in the office as a student volunteer

Interested in Criminal Justice and Forensics

Class of 2020

How did the Officials respond?

As Erika stated in the press conference,

“I stand here today with Sherriff Jones because he is the only one who reached out and answered my plea for help. I guess these days if you are a State Representative for the state of Ohio in my district you don’t have time to answer a cry from a 15- year- old student about the safety of my life, my friends, and my teachers lives at school. My letter reached the school board too and all I got was “thanks, I’ll pass it on”.

She examined the evidence

She did her research. Erika has discovered items in the school budget where money not well spent could be redirected towards enhanced school security.

“As a 15-year-old and a student I have so many questions. I have stacks of documents here that disclose public budgets and balance sheets for the state and local school districts as well as public salary records for many positions in the State of Ohio including teachers’ salaries. “

She has a noble goal

“Let’s please together as a community be the role model of every public-school district in America private or public safe again. When we all come together, leave our egos at the door and really take action and not just talk words, WE CAN SAVE LIVES.”

The Press Conference