Hamilton City Council Celebrates Black History Month with Guest Speaker Rev. Marvin G. Sutton, Sr.

 By: Jeff Gambrell

HAMILTON – Displayed within Hamilton City Council Chambers during Wednesday evening’s meeting were the biographies of prominent African American leaders who served major roles in the city both presently as well as in years past. This display fell in line with the city’s observance of Black History Month, an annual celebration regarding the achievements made by African Americans towards U.S. history. Every President since 1976 has designated February as the official month for its observance. Among the names listed on Hamilton’s display were:

The City of Hamilton celebrates Black History Month. Photo credit Jeff Gambrell

Rev. Marvin G. Sutton, Sr., first African American firefighter/paramedic

Roger Trautman, famous musician, singer, and songwriter

Archie Johnson, first Black Councilmember for City of Hamilton

Alex “Boo” Ellis, professional basketball player

Denise Crew, Activist/Humanitarian

Jim “Box Car” Bailey, Butler County Sports Hall of Fame member

Letitia Block, ESQ., Director of the City of Hamilton’s Law Department

James “Jim” Williams, Director of Hamilton’s Public Works


The City of Hamilton celebrates Black History Month. Rev Sutton addresses the Council during the meeting. Photo credit Jeff Gambrell

Reverend Marvin G. Sutton, Sr. was present during the meeting to address the audience regarding his time as Hamilton’s first African American firefighter/paramedic. “I thank God for the grace that allowed me to become a Hamilton firefighter/paramedic”, expressed Sutton, Sr. “I loved the people I worked with. I enjoyed their presence. I enjoyed the camaraderie, the many hours we shared expressing our concerns for our families. I was well respected”. Sutton, Sr. was hired by the city in 1982 and retired in 1999. In addition to his accomplishments as a firefighter/paramedic, he is a US Navy Veteran and graduate of Miami University.

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