Many in Hamilton’s Business Community Supports Danny Ivers for City Council.

Hamilton’s business community supports Danny Ivers.

Written by Benjamin Price- A local Barber in Hamilton Ohio.

As we grow older in age, with knowledge and wisdom, we often forget what it was like to be young when we threw caution to the wind; a time when we could take on the world and all its complex issues and problems. As a 38-year old entrepreneur from the great City of Hamilton, I still feel this way at moments. However, as I age, I look back to the times that I took on more than most folks around me thought I could handle. Not only did I meet the challenge, I came out the winner. I was reminded of all these things while watching the Hamilton City Council Candidates Forum, graciously provided to residents of Hamilton by the Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. 

Hamilton’s business community supports Danny Ivers.

One thing stood out right away. Amongst them you had talented people, I assume 40-years old and up, and then you had 20-year old Danny Ivers sitting in the middle of them. Some people I’m sure view Ivers with trepidation and caution, thinking his kid-like looks and young demeanor are all he has going for him. When I see Ivers, I see someone engaged and attentive to what is happening in Hamilton right now. Ivers is everywhere, literally. He is at every City event and Council meeting, photo bombing Facebook with people everywhere. Ivers is plugged into what Hamilton is and to where Hamilton is going. He engages people of all ages when out in public, posting most encounters with fans on Facebook, much to the delight of his followers. Ivers might be young, but he is no fool; he has capitalized on his social media outreach to get his message out to the masses. 

I for one am proud that so many talented people are running for City Council. You can tell that the future is looking bright and candidates want to be involved in the renaissance of Hamilton. There have been around 100 new small businesses open in Hamilton since 2015, with an 85% success rate.  It’s great to see young people like Ivers taking the local stage and being excited about the growth and development happening here. Sure there are more qualified, better-spoken people that bring a career of experience, but what about enthusiasm? What about a voice for the young and the young at heart? Ivers is exciting because he embodies the future and energy of Hamilton. We should all be proud that Hamilton is producing young people that can be bold and qualified enough at 20-years old to even sit in a Candidates Forum. Can you imagine yourself at 20-years old doing what Ivers is doing? I would have been terrified. It’s important to empower the youth of our city, not slight them or abuse them verbally on social media just because they’re young.  Many wise thoughts and ideas were voiced by the Candidates at the Hamilton City Council Candidates Forum, but there is no better voice for Hamilton than the people that represent the future of our city. When you look at Ivers, you see someone who embraces the future of our great City of Hamilton. Lest we forget, we were all young once. 

Hamilton’s business community supports Danny Ivers



Benjamin Price- A Hamilton Barber and Business Person.

Benjamin Price is a local business person and entrepreneur. 

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