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Healthy Hamilton Day

The first Saturday in June is a good day to focus on physical and mental health. Prevention Partners will present Healthy Hamilton Day on Saturday, June 1 at Marcum Park. The event will encourage participants to make healthy choices by engaging in a healthy lifestyle as they seek wholistic alternatives to pain medication.

The free, public event will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event’s highlights will include fitness activities such as a bike ride and a 5K. (The My First 5K starts at 10 a.m.) Other fitness offerings throughout the day will include massage therapy, exercise, yoga, and mindfulness.

 “We have an ‘alternative’ campaign, and it focuses on alternatives to pain medications,” said Lori Higgins, CEO of Envision Partnerships.

Instead of reaching first for a pain medication, the focus is to “Ask your doctor about alternatives to painkillers,” she said.

Healthy Hamilton Day was created to spark conversations and stress preventative health as attendees learn about nutrition and other holistic approaches to pain prevention. Kicking off at Marcum Park, the My First 5K begins at 10 a.m. A 17 ‘Hood Bike Tour of many of Hamilton’s 17Strong neighborhoods will begin at Marcum Park at 11 a.m. Those interested in participating in the bike tour or the 5K are encouraged to sign up on the event’s Facebook page.

“We are starting to think differently. Our background is in substance abuse prevention, so we’ve seen what’s happened in our communities as it applies to addiction and mental health. We know that there are some real benefits to exercise for mental health, and there are definitely benefits to living a healthier, more preventative lifestyle when it comes to addiction and addictive behaviors, which can move beyond substances to gambling, and other things that could not be healthy,” Higgins said.

Health screenings will also be offered throughout the event, such as blood pressure and mental-health checks.

Prevention Partners is a coalition supported by various community partners, including Envision Partnerships, 17Strong, Primary Health Solutions, YMCA and Hamilton City School District. This is the second year for the annual, family-friendly event, and the first year for the My First 5K. For more details, visit the Healthy Hamilton Day event page on Facebook, or call (513) 868-2100.

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