UPDATE 6 PM 12.5.2017

A Spring Clean Up Day will be announced! 

The Owner of Garden of Pines Pet Cemetery (Tim Vogel) has contacted Butler County Connect. He is concerned and wants to accept the help of community groups and volunteers to get the cemetery back into good condition. A Spring clean-up day or days will be announced by the cemetery ownership. Any community groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts or Youth groups are welcome to call. 513-863-4440

Concerned Consumers are welcome to call 513-863-4440 and speak to ownership.

Orginal Story filed December 4th.

Garden of Pines Pet Cemetery has fallen into disrepair

Over the past several years I have made it a point to visit the Garden of Pines pet cemetery at 3482 Hamilton Scipio Rd Hamilton Ohio. Unfortunately, my visits have been disappointing, to say the least. My heart aches for the pet owners who buried their pets with hopes of providing a well-maintained property for their beloved pet’s final resting place.

Current Conditions

The waist-high weeds and thistle made it difficult to find many of the graves.  Many monuments had sunken deep in the ground. The tall grass and fallen trees made a casual walk more along the lines of a wilderness walk. The cemetery has fallen into disrepair.

Many of the monuments were leaning and could easily tip over. Trees had fallen and lay just where Nature placed them. The cemetery is a mess and unkept.


I placed a call to the telephone number provided on the signage only to learn the voice mailbox owner had not completed set up of the mailbox. I researched State of Ohio business filings for Garden of Pines and learned the name registration ended due to non-renewal in 2004.

Do you have a pet buried here? Do you know how to reach the owner for comment? We welcome any news about this cemetery.