Join the Butler County Connect Community on Friday, January the 13th to perform random acts of kindness in memory of CJ Sandle.

CJ Sandle, Butler County Ohio
CJ and his sister Dominique

Who is CJ Sandle?

Sometime between 6:00 AM and 6:30 AM on January 13th 2016 an armed intruder entered Rebecca Sandle’s  Hamilton, Ohio home. Rebecca and her children, CJ and Dominique were home asleep at the time. The armed intruder quickly made his way to CJ’s bedroom. The intruder shot CJ and he died later that morning.

Why Random Acts of Kindness?

“My son was  beautiful and kind ” Rebecca Sandle

Rebecca’s desire is to turn this horrible day into to a day that improves Butler County, Ohio. Join Rebecca and her friends on Friday the 13th by performing a random act of kindness in memory of CJ Sandle.

Check out Oprah’s list of 35 little random acts of kindness for ideas on how to contribute on January 13th

The investigation is still open and active.

Follow the latest about the investigation at

Do you know something? Feel like you need to talk someone? Contact the Hamilton, Ohio Police department. Their Facebook page is

Or call the Hamilton Police Department 513 868-5811 ext 2002 or Crimestoppers 513 352-3040.