Your next favorite Thai Restaurant

I want to take a second to introduce you to your next favorite Thai Restaurant!  I discovered this amazing gem after catching a movie at Cine Bistro!  Lotus Pad is located in the heart of  Liberty Centre, with an atmosphere full of energy with an open kitchen and a really warm and welcoming vibe!

Happy Hour

Luckily, I arrived right in the middle of happy hour.   Their Mules are absolutely incredible and only $5. My favorite was the Guava Mule the close second, the Ohio Mule. Both drinks were surprisingly refreshing and crafted to perfection!  I was recommended by the waiter to try their Larp Lettuce Wraps and the Bangkok Fries, in addition to being my favorite restaurant they also have my favorite appetizers of all time!

The food is adventurous

The Vietnamese Fried Rice dish was an adventurous dish, packed with amazing aromatics and bright flavors topped with a fried egg. My friend kept referring to it as the ultimate comfort dish. She was kind enough to share with me and I must agree,  The Vietnamese fried rice is amazing.   My other friend ordered the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp,  they aren’t kidding about the spice on this one, it has a tasteful kick to it.  Our waiter informed us that we could get it spicier if we liked, none of us were courageous enough to take him up on it.  I ordered the chef specialty, the Crying Tiger.   I can’t remember having such an amazing steak in my life. This 10oz Waygu beef cut was cooked to perfection just a pinch past medium rare and was coupled with a spinach tomato salad with a mint dressing. I must admit sharing this plate was hard to do but I managed. Both my friends were absolutely blown away by the tenderness of the meat.

Lotus Pad has an excellent mix of Asian, Thai and Vietnamese dishes and opens your palette up to fresh and exotic flavors.  Next time you are looking for your new favorite restaurant you should definitely give Lotus Pad a try!