Fresh, Local Food Market Coming to a Station Near You
By: Jeff Gambrell

HAMILTON – Hamilton residents who have ever frequented Cincinnati’s Findlay Market may no longer need to leave the city. “Freight House Market” would be a citizen-owned, year-round farmers market/co-op that is currently being proposed at the location of the 1890 train freight house originally owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Several community advocates involved in the project recently toured the property located at 1000 Maple Avenue to assess its potential.


“I walked by and thought to myself what a great building and what a great opportunity for the residents of the neighborhood and the city… I see a safe, vibrant gathering place filled with local food, produce, art and cultural events”, says Alfred Hall, Director of the Hamilton Urban Gardens (HUGS).


Besides having space for food-related stall vendors, some of the additional features that would be incorporated into the Freight House Market include a live performance theater, art gallery, restaurant, and an indoor grow area to enable HUGS to grow fresh, local produce year-round. The current owners of the property have been very receptive to the proposed project and have stated that they are willing to negotiate a deal.


Freight House Market has also garnered the support from several community organizations including the Hamilton! Civic Society as well as the Jefferson Alliance which is a newly organized community group addressing the revitalization of the Jefferson neighborhood, the community for which the freight house resides. Interested residents can find up-to-date information on the market’s progress as well as ways to get involved by liking their Facebook page at